A lot of children tend to lose proper timing for treatment and fail to reach their potential final height.
Since height cannot be mended once proper period passes, the best way is to periodically check growth development and
go through both treatments and maangements.
Our children’s right to grow taller can only be saved with parental care.
When children experience pain on their growth plates before entering school, most think it’s common growing pain, but it is more likely to be pain induced by lack of normal growth.

Growth plate closure may occur differently based on individuals, but for boys it’s usually during their 10th to 11th grade, and for girls it’s usually a year or two after they experience their first period. Growth treatments can be highly effective when growth plates are still widely open, but when they’re mostly closed it may not be very effective. Therefore it is very important to receive treatments early.
Before receiving treatments, children tend to lack confidence and be shy. However, 8 out of 10 children tend to experience positive psychological
effects by having increased confidence, becoming more active, and turning negative thoughts into positive ones.
In fact, there are many cases in which children have better grades, become class presidents, and even achieve their dreams after treatments.As such, growth treatment can not only make the kids grow taller but also make them develop psychologically.
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