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1. Stretching both hands in the air Contracts all muscles, promoting blood flow and metabolism.
2. Stepping with stretched chest Promotes growth in neck bones and backbones, and lengthens legs.
3. Leaning chest backwards and rotating stomach This is an important exercise, as it grows backbones and legs in a balanced form.
4. Doing jump rope exercises without jump rope Strengthens waist, knees, and ankles by stimulating their joints.
5. Leaning forward while crossing legs Promotes leg growth by stimulating growth lines.
6. General stretching Activates blood flow and metabolism, aiding growth.
7. Pushing one foot forward Promotes balanced growth on ligmaents and muscles of waist and knees.
8. Twisting upper body sideways Effective in correcting backbones.
9. Kneeling right knee only Stimulates growth lines on hip joints and helps growth.
10. Grabbing left hand and right foot Corrects lumbar discs by stimulating hipbone nerves.
11. Touching knee and forehead Stimulates autonomic nerves by stimulating backbones.
12. Touching both knees and forehead Enhances digestion by stimulating internal organs and abdominal muscles.
13. Rolling in a shrimp stance Stimulates abdominal muscles and promotes metabolism and recovery.
14. Performing a plow stance Stimulates nerves of backbones, regulates autonomic nerves, and activates metabolism.
15. Standing up with shoulders only Corrects sunken organs and regulates ataxia.
16. Standing up with shoulders and perform cycling in air Helps growth on legs by stimulating knee joints.
17. Bending forward Prevents waist pain and aging.
18. Performing a fish stance Balances autonomic nerves and promotes self development.
19. Breathing methods (abdominal breathing) Increases lung capacity, relaxes muscles and promotes growth.
20. Meditations Increases mental focus, elevates confidence, and invigorates life and growth.
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