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If you are fat, you are not tall. Higher body fat percentages increase hormone resistance to growth hormone. Because of this, secreted growth hormones reduce the effect of causing growth. In other words, assuming that the same amount of growth hormone is secreted, children with obesity are more likely to be shorter than children of normal weight.

Along with this, obesity is a direct cause of precocious puberty.
Child obesity often has high levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which stimulate the release of sex hormones, leading to early menarche and metamorphic periods, resulting in early closure of bone growth plates and shorter growth times. In particular, children with obesity often have a significant amount of exercise and lack of physical stimulus in the growth plate, and most of them eat fast foods or high-calorie foods with high sugar content.

This also additionally causes growth disorders.
After all, an obese child grows faster than a tortoise like the rabbits of rabbits and turtles, and eventually loses to the turtles.
If you are exposed to electromagnetic waves a lot, precocious puberty may occur. If you concentrate on the computer and TV late at night, your brain is under constant stress, and this stress causes your growth hormone secretion not to be smooth, which affects your height growth and can lead to obesity. It also reduces melatonin secretion, which can cause prematurity.

Watching TV before going to sleep can cause sleep problems. Watching TV before going to bed wakes up, which leads to sleep deprivation. In recent studies, shorter sleep hours reduce leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite, and secrete ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. Resulted in an increase in obesity.
In this case, the phrase 'he is not tall when stressed' does not mean 'he must be tall so please let me do as I want'.
In order to maintain a stable state of mind at all times, we are trying to make every decision on our own, and we have to train ourselves to see and judge positive aspects, to have a regular life, and to maintain strong relationships with friends and parents.
To be a long leg, your lower body must be warm and have good blood circulation. Stretching and exercising is the only way to get the blood from your head, which is complicated by stress, to your lower body.
If you think your head is complicated and your mind is upset, try lyric size gymnastics for only 5 minutes. Even if you spend less than 30 minutes in the morning and evening, you can stretch and stimulate your growth plate and relieve stress.
The growth plate is closing in the body as interest in the opposite sex sharply increases and begins to become curious about sex.
This is because the secretion of sex hormones increases. Sex hormones play a role of first-class contributor to the growth plate closing, so it is better to start secreting as late as possible within the normal range.
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