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Make sure to eat well, sleep well, and play well.
The reason why the child is not tall is that the child does not move well and only focuses on learning. As the amount of activity decreased, the stimulation of the growth plate was reduced. In addition, corticosteroids and catecholamines, which are stress hormones secreted when psychologically stressed, inhibit the growth and secretion of growth hormone, thereby eliminating room for growth.
Sleep on the floor with thick sheets instead of sleeping on the bed.
Since sleeping takes a huge part in life, using proper bed equipment is necessary. However firm mattress and sheets are not suitable for growing youth and teenagers. If the bed setting is too firm, the pressure could hinder bone growth, and if it’s too soft the hip area will sink down when lying down, which disturbs the backbone from forming a natural posture and ultimately hinders growth. Also, if the sheets are too heavy, the blood flow may be disturbed.
Avoid tight clothes.
Jeans that are too tight on skin pressures the whole legs and disturbs blood flow. Therefore it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that have a lot of room. Shoes and socks should also be treated as the same, and wearing the ones that are too tight should be avoided. From this, it is speculated that elastic socks, despite their good looks, should also be avoided, as they could hinder the blood flow.
Do not kneel down for a long time.
Kneeling down for too long disturbs blood flow and hinders leg growth, so such actions should be avoided.
Correct your posture whenever you're sitting in front of the desk or dining table.
People these days tend to sit down on their chairs for a long time, regardless of the places, including schools, offices, or their homes. What matters are the kind of chairs and desks, and the posture styles people keep while sitting down. In terms of the chairs, it is recommended to have a chair that has a 45 to 50cm width and has an adequate curve that allows the hips to sink down slightly. The back of the chair should be close to the shoulder blades, and should have a proper curve as well. When people are studying or reading books while sitting down in front of the chair, they need to keep the distance between their eyes and the book for about 30~40cm. In addition, since it is not recommended to keep the same posture for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended to get up and walk around or stretch big while sitting down every hour.
Walk in a straight stance.
Be careful not to sway shoulders and waist sideways and walk rhythmically. Chest should be kept up and wide, while stomach should be tucked in and hips should not protrude backwards. When moving legs forwards, both the legs and knees should be stretched lightly. Also, make sure to put the back of the feet on the ground first while walking. The end of the feet should face the walking direction and should neither bend inwards nor outwards.
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