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The third grade girl of elementary school sees little brown hair in her armpit. Is it a precocious puberty?
If third grade is found in elementary school, secondary sexual characteristics are in progress, so it is expected that the premature ejaculation will occur. It is important to diagnose menarche age, bone age and expected height through accurate examination. If you have Precocious puberty, you may be recommended to delay puberty.
lump in the breast start from the second semester of the fourth grade of elementary school and acne on my face in the fifth grade. Is it a precocious puberty?
If lump in the breast began in the second semester of the fourth grade of elementary school, it is not considered precocious puberty. However, if the lump in the breast begins earlier, and late confirmation, it often starts about two years after the first lump in the breast. That's why it's important to know exactly when lump in the breast begins. After the menarche, the height grows 3 ~ 8cm, so if the menarche is expected to be fast, the menstrual delay prescription is necessary.
3. The 12-year-old boy is 147cm tall and weighs 37kg. My voice is also in the mood for metamorphosis, and I wonder if it is precocious puberty.
Height and weight are now normal. However, since puberty is expected to progress quickly, it is recommended to take a growth screening test. Because of the difficulty in making accurate judgments with the naked eye, I think more accurate tests are necessary. If the test shows that puberty is fast and the expected height is small, puberty is delayed and treatment can be helpful for growth.
4. My daughter is in second grade in elementary school this year. 133 cm tall and weighs 40 kg. It is 6cm tall and 7kg taller than I was in my first grade. When I gave birth, I was normal weight (3.46kg), but I weighed about 10kg a day and 15kg when I was about 1 year old. Should I suspect precocious puberty?
Your daughter is currently tall, but she is about 10kg overweight. In the case of childhood obesity, menarche is more likely to occur due to prematurity caused by female hormone secretion. We recommend that you take the 'Growth Inspection'.
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