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Milk contains 114 important nutrients, and is an important food that could make children grow strong by suppling balanced nutrients. It is important for getting taller in particular because of the calcium inside milk stays in a certain form so that it could be absorbed easily to our body. In addition, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is 1:0.9, which is ver ideal for absorbing calcium.
Cheese has more protein and calcium than beef and pork, and is rich in vitamin A1, B1, B2, and minerals. Since it is rich in protein that is absolutely necessary for growth, it can directly help children grow taller.
Sardines have quality protein and calcium, and is composed of other nutrients in a balanced form. It is effective for growth. Calcium content for beef is only about 6mg per 100g, but sardines have 16 times more calcium than beef. The amount of vitamin D in sardines, which promotes calcium absorption, is 66 times more than snappers, making sardines effective for height growth.
Tofu is made up of proteins rich in essential amino acids, and is consisted of other minerals including vitamin Bs, vitamin E and calcium. It allows nutrients to be absorbed better than beans.
Ostrich eggs
One ostrich egg weighs 1.763kg (which equals to that of 30 chicken eggs). Ostrich eggs is also rich in tasty and nutritious essential amino acids, making it a good food for children and teenagers in their growth phase.
Tangerine has 15mg of calcium per 100g, which is 3 times higher than 5mg of calcium per 100g in apples. It also is rich in vitamin C, a substance that helps in forming collagen, absorbing iron, metabolizing glucose, and promoting immunity. It is an essential nutrient for youth in their growing phase which does not accumulate in people’s bodies, so daily consumption is necessary.
Shittake mushrooms
Shittake mushrooms contain the most vitamin C among all mushrooms, and sun-dried shittake mushrooms are rich in vitamin D which makes shittake mushrooms very effective in absorbing calcium and strenghtening bone structure and teeth.
Spinach has an unbelievable amount of vitamin A and C, and promotes growth and development of internal organs. Since it is also important in helping enzyme activity during reformation of protein in the body, spinach is necessary for students in their growth phase who are very active in growth and cell division and who uses their eyes a lot.
Carrots have a lot of carotine, which is a precursor of vitamin A. It prevents decrease of eyesight followed by rapid growth, and interferes with protein formation. Alternatives of carrots include pumpkin, chives, and leeks.
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